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Modifikation for TOW


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Dear Moon,dear BF people,

is there any possibility to make a modifikation for TOW?

Can you ask 1C or the makers of TOW to get a possibility for mod making?! Please!

I notice there are *.sfs data files in the main directory. (for example sound.sfs)

I will make a modifikation for sound and add maybe some stuff like 88 flak and so on.

Our modding team have some nice experience in modifikation of war rts games.

Du you know Real Warfare Modifikation (RWM)for suddenstrike 1 and 2(greetings to otcho and wishmob), or Storm over Europe RWM for Soldiers Heroes of World War 2?

I think TOW have some verry nice potential to make a sound mod or adding some more stuff...

Maybe the sfs plugin for windows commander :D ...

EDIT: What up with the ip stock exchange? We want to play TOW online...

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Actually it seems patboy's link answers your question (hadn't noticed that thread before). Essentially Martin is saying that right now 'real modding' as you call it isn't possible, but they're looking at it.

Have fun


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