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Are the unit' cost changing depending on the period for the same nation?

Is the US ToW release using the same cost as the Russian one ? in this picture:


the Wespe seems to be quite expensive vs the JgTiger or the JgTiger not enough expensive. :rolleyes:

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Unlike CM, in ToW you are only ever presented with a small list of units that you can buy, which is defined by each mission itself.

So, in one mission you may be able to buya Jadgtiger and in another you might only be able to purchase some PaK's or extra infantry or something else.

In addition to that, many missions have "unit caps" added which means you may only ever be able to purchase a set amount of tanks, AT guns, infantry units, SPG's, or vehicles.

This was all done to enforce a level of play balance and challenge that the original campaign designer wanted to instill.

As such, it's very hard to compare any one units "cost" with another as its not really a straight one to one value like in CM.

Now, that doesnt mean that as you guys begin to learn the Editor and post new missions there doesnt evolve some sort of Global Unit cost lists that everyone agrees to use for consistentcy. Perhaps you will just use the unit costs that ToW has already defined, or maybe you tweak them slightly, its really up to you, the future modders/designers.

One nice thing about the Editor and mission files in ToW is that you can actually change the costs of any unit and make it as expensive or as cheap as you want. Something you could not do in CM as unit costs were hardcoded.


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Originally posted by Marc Anton:

Good to hear so its up to the mission creater :)

Another question: Is it possible to change the amount of ammo for each tank ?

Now every tank carry a lot of ammo typ such APCR, HEAT etc. Can we change that in mission editor ?

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