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Request of new pics please


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hi all, yes i know i haven't posted much on the forum for the reason that 99% of the time i find the answers that i am looking for..


i have read in this forum and been to the tow site to see all the pretty pics of the game...and i have read about the RTS of the game and that it also can be played as (WE-GO-YOU-GO) and i have read that some ppl have questions of the we-go-you-go way-points for the moving of troops and veh's but i have not seen any pic's that say which is which.

if all pic's to date are of RTS play, could one of you nice members of BF please post some of the we-go-you-go pic's such as the showings of the movement points lines as we see on the playing map..pretty please......

and maybe if we are "ALL GOOD" maybe a small video clip to make us wet our pants just that much more..

one more question that which i am having a hard time finding..as in "cmbo-cmbb-cmak", when units spot the enemy from a distance the enemy's infantry and veh's and armored units are some times spoted as HT'S when they are light tanks, Pz IV's are mistaken for TIGERS ect... is that the same in this game or as my poor infantry standing in their trench see the PzIV's and PzIII's comeing over the steps are just that PzIV's and PzIII's????

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