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Patch for Russian version


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The first patch has been issued on the official russia web site:


Main corrections (as far as I could anderstood ;) )

-Correction for the multiplayer game (no details given)

-Instruction to start a multiplayer game added

-bug correction when the game is start agin after being in "Pause"

-Statistic errors corrected (no details given)

-error correction of the not restorable formations with the reassignment of hot key for the group of forces.

-is corrected the error of cloning the names of soldiers when they have been changed of assignment.

-Attitude of soldiers corrected

-Uncorrect datas abouts material corrected

-Error (text conclusion) at the end of mission during mission with support corrected. :rolleyes:

They planned to release an other patch with more improvment. ;)

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