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Infantry bug?


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Hi, I just came across something I suspect is a bug relating to the infantry units.

I was playing Battle Creek in Standalone mode, and was experimenting with saturating the area with AA units, so that any dropships or pods would be destroyed.

I then put sensors and automated turrets at the 'home' area of the opposing force.

After a while, I appeared to have complete control of the map.

However, at the very north, I spotted a red triangle popping up every now and then, but there was never any report of the AA units shooting down anything. (Because the obvious thing would be that it were a pod or a dropship.)

I decided to investigate, and took control of an infantry unit. (Rifle unit)

I worked my way towards the red blip, whenever it appeared.

It turned out to be a lone infantry unit that had managed to move beyond the edge of the map, and kept falling off the edge.

I suspect it was trying to move away from the turrets and sensors that I had scattered around the map.

I moved my units out as far as I dared, but it seemed they would also drop off the map if I had gone further.

I tested using weapons while beyond the play area, and they fired, but the point of origin seemed to be the boundary of the play area, rather than the muzzles of the weapons.

Vehicles bumped into the boundary, as I expected, and I was unable to shoot the lone opposition infantry unit while it was outside the play area.

I also noticed that the 'camera' wouldn't follow the units beyond the boundary either.

I experienced this while using version 1.3.1 of DropTeam on a MacBook Pro CoreDuo 2.16GHz with 2GB RAM and Mac OS X 10.4.10.

Hope this helps.

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Funny thing: DT allows infantry to go to the underside of the map. Just walk of the border of the map and eventually you will fall down.

BUT: you can come back! Just turn around and walk a while.

I'm sure IG will make a infantry tactic out of it. ;)

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