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Any way to update 'Manually'?

C Colapietro

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I originally posted this in the general forum, but it probably makes more sense for it to be here - sorry for the dup. post...


I have dial-up on my home machine - an iMac G5 - and so the update process is really painful. In fact after a 8+ hour update to 1.1.2 (I think - it ran 2 separate updates), the game is unfortunately virtually unplayable. I would like to get the latest version to see if things improve, but don't want to do it dial up.

I do however have access to high-speed at work, and have a usb drive to transport files - is there any way to get an update packaged up which I can run locally on my machine?

As an alternative, can I copy over the data files from my work PC (Not a Mac - a PC) which is up-to-date with DT 1.1.5, then run the updater to download just the updated execuatables?

While a nice idea, the web-update just is not a practical feature for some. It would be great if you could offer stand-alone updaters, or even up-to-date installers for the entire app.

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