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Zone Alarm and new Patchs


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Something that I just remembered is that every time I update DropTeam, I have problems.

When I hit refresh on the servers page, I am forced to hit re-set on my computer.

What is happening is Zone Alarm (free Firewall program) is poping up a warning that the exe has changed, and wants to know if it should let it access the net. Normally no biggie. Hit okay, and go on with the game.

The problem is that DropTeam won't let the pop-up me alt tab out to click on okay. I can't even use ctrl-alt-delete to bring up the task manager.

If I were to acually remember the problem BEFORE I hit refresh, it is easy enough to go into Zone Alarm and manually set it to the okay list. That is what I do after the computer finishes rebooting.

I'm running Windows 2000k, and have the latest version of ZoneAlarm.

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