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When you post any question asking for tech support, please be sure to mention which operating system you're running on.

If you're experiencing a crash, there is a high chance that it's caused by out of date video drivers. DropTeam uses some of the most recent extensions added to OpenGL, so you really do need the most recent video drivers for your video card! Please update your video drivers and see if the crash goes away.


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Hi Clay,

I have a problem with my macbookpro and drop team, cause it chrashes. I have the full version of the game, updated to 1.3.3. The loading (in single payer mode) ends with "building minimap".Then freezes everything.

I can't update my graphic card, it's a part of the system under mac osx.

my system: Intel core 2 duo, 4GB RAM, GeForce 8600M GT, 256 MB VRAM.

That should be enough, right?

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