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Installation Issues

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Here two issues with the download and installation on Windows.

1. The "Windows Installer.exe" file will not run unless it is inside of a folder named "DropTeamSetup". One would think it would work relative to where it is run from and not from a hard coded directory name.

2. The autorun.inf file points to an autorun.exe file that doesn't exist. This means if this was placed on a CD it would not autorun.

I hope this is not the intended structure of the CD that will be shipped. Since the autorun.inf file is in the DropTeamSetup folder this implies that this really is the base root and "Windows Installer.exe" file should run from any where as long as the base directory structure remains in tack.

As it is if a CD was shipped with the root of DropTeamSetup folder being burned to a CD it would not install as intended for a Windows computer.

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