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Red vs Blue in multiplayer

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You need to do like your countrymen do all the time in the Army - train to minimize the effect of better equipment by using very different tactics and avoiding head-on-engagements with better equiped enemies ;)

With Syria you need to be a bit sneakier and always try to surprise the enemy where he least expects it. And DON'T use your IFVs like you would use a Bradley!


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OK, other advantages. Being on defense, if you are, can create a cover and intel differential, which can be decisive if used well.

The Syrian infantry AT weapons are quite dangerous to the US APCs and infantry still in them. The larger IEDs are also dangerous to everything.

M-1s are indeed challenging from the front, but can be killed by (1) advanced ATGMs, (2) MBTs fighting at close range, especially the T-72.

The demo scenario is a good example of the last point. If you send every T-72 up the back side of the rightmost hill, and never go over the crest, then the M-1s cannot advance alive. If they go around, they will show a flank and you can readily kill them. If they come straight over the hill, initial LOS will be at nearly point blank range and from a wide arc lower down the back side of the hill, giving someone a flank shot. These are standard reverse slope tactics.

I didn't lose a single T-72 in that one, and wiped out the entire US force, first time out.

A human would have been tougher, but it can readily be done.

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