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"The setup files are corrupted...."

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True sadness. Upon inserting my brand new CMAK CD into my CD-ROM drive, the autorun attempts to run, but I instantly get the following message,

The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the Program.

I'm heartbroken and crestfallen -- among other things. Knowing there's more than one way to kill a dog than to choke him on butter, however, I copied all the files off the CD into a TEMP folder on my HD, and tried to then run the massive setup.exe file from there. They copied successfully, but, double-clicking the EXE file produced...

The same sad message.

So, what exactly is the scoop with getting a new game? Must I send the entire package back to Battlefront, or need I return only the CD (i.e., so I keep the manual and slobber over it?).

Lastly, what's the full snail-mailing address it needs to be returned to? Unfortunately, the beloved game arrived at work, and the Priority Mail envelope it came in has probably been thrown out with the trash!


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It's now Friday, 12/12, 8 days since I first reported the problem ...the mail's come & gone ...and sadly still no replacement CMAK CD. :(

I can only assume that the increased holiday traffic burdening the postal system has adversely affected CMAK's delivery.

I guess it's back to the East Front for the weekend.

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