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Saving Private Ryan Series: D-Day

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This is my first mission I have made for Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord. It is also the first mission in my Saving Private Ryan series. I hope to recreate every battle from the movie, in this game. As you know, the first battle scene in the movie is D-Day. I have tried my best to recreate the beaches of Normandy using the map editor. I have decided to make a fictional part of the beach and focus on giving the player the sensation of actually being there, rather than historical accuracy.

I find this missions very interesting. It will never be the same no matter how many times you play it. Something always changes. You are given more men then you need to complete the mission sucessfully. But the trick is, getting them across the beach alive, and making sure you get all the right men across. You could have 80% of your guys make it across (which is next to impossible), but if you loose the wrong men, it is impossible for you to finish the mission, even with that number. Thats why I like it so much. It can be so different every time. There are many surprises in this mission, so use your men wisely! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This mission was designed to be a player vs AI battle, with the player as the Americans. Before you start the game, MAKE SURE that you have the Computer Player Setup STICK TO SCENARIO DEFAULT. Otherwise the bunkers and units will be moved into wacky positions.

Here are a few screen shots for your enjoyment:






http://members.home.net/jaguar17/cm/normandy.zip Click this link to download the mission (in zip format).

Please reply here and tell me what you think of this mission. What you liked, what you didn't like, what you think I should change.

Enjoy! smile.gif


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Very nice screen shots of the invasion. Intersting indeed.

I recently did one on the battle of Ramelle. Its quite a fight. In fact I sent it to Manx' web site for posting there. I don't know if he will use it or not.


If you wish a copy, I'll send it to you.

Its a very fun scenario with all of the ingredients, Tigers, Captain Miller, Sgt Horvath and the rest of the crew. Quite a fight in the city. Its interesting to see how long you can hold the city before retreating to the Alamo. I have it should anyone be interested.


Wild Bill

Lead Tester/Designer

Combat Mission-Beyond Overlord


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I was so pissed that there wasn't any sand textures. But I seen the grain texture.... slapped it in there, and it looked pretty good! So I stuck with it.................. it looks more like sand anyways wink.gif

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