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Info on the 4th AD at Chaumont

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I'm going to give a historical battle a shot (it may only be semi-historical depending on what I can find out). CCB of the 4th Armored fought a fairly good sized armor (in CM terms) action at Chaumont on December 23, 1944. Chaumont is on the southern shoulder of the Bulge, and the 4th was driving to relieve Bastogne.

So far, I've read the versions of the battle in Cole's book and MacDonald's A Time for Trumpets. I also have seen some brief mention in other places, but I can't remember to attribute the sources. I also had input from the CM forum. These versions are a little sketchy and in some respects contradictory. What I know:

The German units involved were:

- 10 - 15 StuG III's of the 11th Sturmgeschütz Brigade

- Elements of the 5th Parachute Division (probably the 14th Regiment)

- Possibly (cole doesn't mention them) some heavy tank destroyers. The options seem to be (in descending order of likelihood) 5 JagdPanthers from Heavy Panzerjager Battalion 559 (based on Dan Parker’s Battle of the Bulge as related in the ferdinand/elefant thread on the main board); 5 Jagdtigers; or 5 Elefants.

The American units involved elements of 4th Armored Division:

- the10th Armored Infantry Battalion.

- either or both the 8th and 9th Tank Battalion.

Conditions seem to be clear and either mud or wet.

I would appreciate information on a more specific OB, and anything on available maps.

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