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Need info on Brit arty units supporting Op Epsom

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What artillery units (Corp or Army level) were in support of the British units in Op Epsom. I can figure out the divisional stuff, but I need help with the higher level units.

Also, at what level would you find the CW 4.2" mortar. Organic to the Brigades, or were they divisional assets?

Thank you

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4.2-in mortars were in the divisional support battalions - also known as the MG Battalions. There was one company of 4 platoons, each with 4 x 4.2-in mortars in each inf div (See: UK Div Orgs). Armd Divs only had one platoon of four mortars (See: Indep. MG Coy., Feb 44). I'm not aware of these mortars being held by higher units, or in any artillery units, in NWE.

Div Spt Bns:

. I Corps

. . 3rd Can Div - The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (MG)

. VIII Corps

. . 43rd Div - 8th Bn, The Middlesex Regt (MG)

. . 15th Div - 1st Bn, The Middlesex Regt (MG)

. . 11th Armd Div - 2nd MG Coy, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

. XXX Corps

. . 49th Div - 2nd Bn, The Kensington Regt (MG)

Op EPSOM involved elements of three corps (VIII playing the major role, XXX Corps playing a subsidary role, I Corps playing a minor role), so presumably there were at least the three AGRAs from those corps available.

4th AGRA with I Corps. Composed of:

. 150th (South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry) Fd Regt,

. 53rd (London) Mdm Regt (209, & 210 (London) Btys),

. 65th (Highland) Mdm Regt (222 (Fraserborough), & 223 (Banffshire) Btys),

. 68th (West Lancashire) Mdm Regt (233, & 212 Btys),

. 79th (Scottish Horse) Mdm Regt, and

. 51st (Lowland) Hvy Regt (A, B, C, & D Btys)

8th AGRA with VIII Corps. Composed of:

. 25th Fd Regt (12/25, 31 (Kirkee), & 58 (Maiwand) Btys),

. 61st (Caernavon & Denbighshire Yeomanry) Mdm Regt (243, & 244 (Carnarvon) Btys),

. 63rd (Midland) Mdm Regt (214 (2 W Riding), & 216 (Staffordshire) Btys),

. 77th (Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry) Mdm Regt,

. 15th Mdm Regt, and

. 53rd Hvy Regt

5th AGRA with XXX Corps. Composed of:

. 4th Fd Regt RHA (SP) (C, DD, & F Btys),

. 7th Mdm Regt (25/26, & 27/28 Btys),

. 64th (London) Mdm Regt (211, & 212 (London) Btys),

. 84th (Sussex) Mdm Regt, (229 (Eastbourne), & 230 (Hastings) Btys)

. 121st (West Riding) Mdm Regt, (275 (3rd W Riding), & 276 (11th W Riding) Btys) and

. 52nd (Bedfordshire Yeomanry) Hvy Regt (417, 418, 419, & 420 Btys)

I take it you know the compositions of Fd, Fd (SP), Mdm, and Hvy Regts?

From "The Development of Artillery Tactics and Equipment":

On 1st July, when the Germans made their last and strongest attempt, with five divisions, to break the Second Army salient, they were engaged by massed artillery fire with devastating effect, and all but one of their attacks were dispersed before reaching our forward infantry positions. During this fighting, heavy concentrations were brought down on opportunity targets, and on several occasions the fire of over 300 guns was concentrated on a single area.
(As an aside, the paragraph immediately preceeding the one quoted above discusses the use of 25-prs firing airbursts against German infantry on 13th-14th June, 1944 ...)

The attack by VIII Corps on 25th June is described as being supported by ...

... a creeping barrage, with pauses, fired by 240 field and 80 medium guns, supplemented by concentrations from five field regiments and one heavy regiment.
... which works out to a total of 15 field regts (including the eight from the three divisions in VIII Corps), 10 medium regts, and 1 heavy regt. I would expect that 8th AGRA 'borrowed' some of the fd regts from the divisions on either flank, and some of the mdm regts from the flanking AGRAs, for this fireplan.


I Corps had 62nd A-Tk Regt and 102nd LAA Regt.

VIII Corps had 91st A-Tk Regt and 121st LAA Regt.

XXX Corps had 73rd A-Tk Regt and 112th LAA Regt.





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Tea. Hot tea, with lashings of milk and sugar. ;)

BTW, something I just remembered: the Fd Regts in 3rd Canadian Div were probably still equipped with M7 Priests at this time, rather than towed 25-pr. Some or all of the the fd regts in the AGRAs may also have had Priests at this time. Org of a Fd Regt (105mm), Feb 44.



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