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Conversion from PzIIIF to PzIIIG

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Originally posted by Runyan99:

The PzIIIF carries the 37mm gun, and the PzIIIG has the upgraded 50mm gun.

It's more complicated than that. According to the Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two, Chamberlain, Doyle, & Jentz, some Es and Fs were rearmed with the 50mm L/42. One hudred of the Fs even came from the factory with the 50/42. In addition, 50 of the Gs were originally armed with the 37/46.5 but were subsequently up-gunned.

I think the main point though as far as CM:AK is concerned is that unless someone presents documentary evidence to the contrary, it appears that all the Mk. IIIs that made it to NA had the 50mm gun.


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