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Hi one and all

Point 1

Here is a fine web site that cleared up a few of the many questions I still have about battalion and divisional organization , WW II.


I got this info from the forums at the Matrix web site ,thanks to Tim


Point 2

Finally got to try out the Demo , there have been a few changes, and as far as I can tell by the demo they all seem to be for the good.In the last go round I sent a small group of volunteers out to hide until most of the attacking force had moved on by. Then jump out and plug a few tanks if possible and do some basic damage. Well they did just fine, after taking out 2 of the last tanks to come rolling by ,it got pretty warm for them so the gave up . No problem they took steam out of the attack , as they started marching off back to the rear my counter attack ( at the front ) really started to heat up. So about 2 thirds of the group took of and hid. It was so cool , I clicked on troops to see what was going on and it said ,unarmed for the ones that ran away and hid while the ones still marching toward the rear said captured.

Only played the Demo a few times and each time I have seen lots of great little changes so I guess I am going to have to buy this one to.

Enough for now must get back to the game.............


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