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Glitch? Mac black box pointer


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This is my problem; I've seen now several posts from others about this and thought it deserves a thread.

On certain Macs (?) the pointer turns into a black box with a white line down the left side. This happens as soon as the loading graphics screen opens.

While it does not affect the mouse functions, it does make the pointer somewhat unwieldy, especially in situations where there are a lot of units close together; or where you need a certain amount of accuracy to pick out a waypoint from the other paths.

I've also seen something where the pointer appears, but the black box follows it around the screen like a slightly slower dog following its fleeter master.

It's somewhat distressing since I already pre-ordered and would be <ahem> unhappy to find this on the final version. Just want to make sure someone notices.

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Originally posted by Michael Emrys:


I can see I'm going to have to turn you over to Mr. Tittles to explain all this to you. He will break out his google and present you with 400 web citations that all prove that he is right...although about what nobody is exactly sure any more.


Turn me over to Tittles? Oooh, I'm just trembling now, aren't I? See? holds out hand Absolutely quivering with fear, now, aren't I? Like a leaf in the storm.

Bring on your meth freak gibberish linking 'my grand theory' lunatic. You're slipping, Emrys. The knowledge that I'm stalking you is starting to wear you down,isn't it?

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