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First Time Modder


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An embarasingly newbie question: redface.gif

I want to down load some mods - I have the euro version of the game and want to download the stuff that changes the WG into the SS, as well as the new flagsets etc. I may want do d/l some uniforms and/or vehicles in the future too.

My question is, once I have d/l'd the files, what do I have to do to get them running in the game? Does the game update itself or do I have to manually insert the new files into specific parts of the game folders? :confused: I have never downloaded any game mods before so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Scott smile.gif

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How well do you know computers? Can you find the bmp and scenarios folders?

Assuming yes, assuming space on your hard drive, make a copy of the bmp folder and rename it cmakoriginalbmp or something. It is best for me to move that folder somewhere else. Now you have a way to fix mistakes.

If the mod is in a zip file, open the zip. Your zip program will ask what to do with the bmps. If it is something you always want to see, extract the bmps into the bmp folder. Not the back up copy folder above. If the mod is temporary i.e. Andrew's vickers mod, use McMMM to install it and remove it.

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We are in the CMAK forum. You asked about modding. I gave you how to mod.

If you want opinions on what mods to use in CMBO, post a question there. But if you want BO to look like BB and AK, forget it, aint gonna happen.

At cmmods are 90% of the CMMOS mods for CMBO. Get the CMMOS program in CMBO by MikeT and the rulesets. The mods are by designer CMMOS.

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Thanks for the help - started pulling loads of stuff for all 3 games now. :D

I know this is the AK forum, but the question was related to the last post. Seemed a bit stupid to start a new thread in another forum when the question was technically "on topic".

I am under no illusion that BO will never look like its succesors, just I'm having trouble finding flags, icons etc to undo all the damage done to the game by German censorship laws!

Much appreciated though, The Mod Files and cmmods.com are in the favourites list now! smile.gif

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