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Question about how AAR stats are counted


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I have not posted here in almost ten months, as I've been too busy playing CMBB and CMAK. I've had a question about AAR stats that I never got around to asking. Allow me to give some sample numbers to illustrate what I'm talking about.

First, I surrendered in the setup phase to see how many men the enemy had (73). Then, I restarted and played that mission, and the enemy ended up surrendering about halfway through.

Here are the stats:

Total Casualties: 60

Men Killed in Action: 19

Men Captured: 13

So apparently, 60-19 = 41 men were wounded. Therefore, I can only conclude that "Men Captured" ONLY refers to non-wounded men that were captured, with the 41 (or how ever many) left to die, or taken care of by the capturing forces, or left to escape the battlefield somehow, or some combination thereof, this uncertainty being the reason that "Men Captured" refers only to non-wounded personnel. Thus, "Total Casualities" + "Men OK" = Total Men (in the case of a battle fought to conclusion), and "Total Casualties" + "Men Captured" = Total Men (for the side that surrenders, if applicable).

Is my interpretation correct?

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