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New CMAK battle at the depot

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In the arid wasteland that is the Egyptian desert any terrain feature is considered important from a tactical point of view, and the El Mreir depression was no exception. Located about a mile south of the Ruweisat ridge, this 50 meter deep depression resembled a short, stubby finger when viewed from above. During the month of July it was the scene of several battles between the Commonwealth forces, mostly New Zealanders, and the combined German / Italian forces of the Afrika Korps. Now, it was to be the scene of yet another clash.

By the end of August British intelligence warned that Rommel's renewed assault on the Alamein line would begin soon, and most likely in the southern sector where the New Zealanders were deployed. Armed with this knowledge 8th army ordered 28th (Maori) Battalion, of 2nd (NZ) Division to launch a raid on the Axis position in the El Mreir depression. This raid had two objectives; to identify the occupants of the El Mreir and to disrupt their preparations.

During the night of August 25th the infantry, guided by a troop of engineers, silently worked their way forward to their jump off positions. At precisely 0400 hours the prepatory artillery barrage opened up - 106 guns total. As soon as the guns lifted the engineers went in and blew open gaps through wire with their bangalore torpedoes. Right behind them went in the Maoris of the 28th Battalion.

Kiwis night out attempts to recreate the night raid by the Maoris on August 26th, 1942. It is designed to be played against the Axis AI, and is not balanced. It also is a scripted scenario, meaning you will have to follow the instructions described in the allied briefing in order to recreate the opening moves of the battle. Once the actual attack begins the player is free to direct his attack as he sees fit. The challenge is to do as well as the Kiwis did in the time alloted.

Special thanks to Jon "JonS" Sowden, Chris "Ferrous" and the boys at Boots and Tracks.

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