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ok, call me crazy. transparent gridded terrain.

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have anybody ever tried using transparent gridded terrain? i'm not talking about actually in the match, obviously.

but when you're initially going over the map to find where has LOS to where it might help if the terrain was made of transparent bitmaps. gridded, maybe double gridded so that it has a line through the centre as well as along the edge of the tile.

i think it would help you get an initial grasp of where things are.

anyone agree? has anyone tried it? if it was CM Mod Manager you could swap the terain for transparent to get a grasp, then for the normal when you come to setup.

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I just tried a test... there are two troubles: the back side of the textures isn't drawn (so you couldn't see the grid on opposite side of a hill), and at least on my card, having transparent grass messes up the way everything below the horizon gets drawn. Nothing erases, so you end up with this unplayable spirograph pattern...

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