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The Indian Army?

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Has the Indian Army made it into CMAK? It would seem unfair if they are not in view of the substantial and heroic contribution made by soldiers from the subcontinent to the fighting in the Med.

It would also seem to miss an opportunity to exploit an potentially large customer market. There must be more wargamers in Indian, Pakistan and Nepal combined than in, say, New Zealand who want to play with their own boys? Surely ? ;)

As I once heard an officer of the Brigade of Gurkhas remark: 'They aren't brown Brits you know!'. Wise words indeed.

And imagine the fun of being able to go down to your local curry house, order ten pints of lager, a lamb jalfrezi, and asking the waiters to shout into your dictaphone phrases like: 'Watch the flanks!' 'Take that you bastard!' and 'They're all over us like a cheap suit!' in as many indigenous languages as they can muster.

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