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Question on strategy

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I'm currently playing a 1500 qb meeting engagement that's 28+ turns long.

So we're on turn 20, and I've already seized both victory locations (one in the center of the town and one on the outskirts). I have him frozen on the other side of town, forces pushed back by withering machine gun fire and artillery barrages.

I feel like I can safely push forward and run him out of town given a steady advance over the next 5 or so turns. however, in order to win the game, all I really need to do is just sit and hold the ground I've already taken.

Most of me thinks the right thing to do is to try and run his forces all the way off the map, except that he has 2 active medium tanks and two armored cars and I have no anti-tank capability, my one tank has long been punched out.

So, his infantry could be overrun (my infantry has taken few casualties and is overall in good condition), but I'm worried that his tanks will wreak havoc on my advance. Should I hold my position or continue to advance?

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You don't want to let him rally. But you don't need to run him off the map, and your infantry will only keep his tanks away from the flags late if they are quite close to them, and in good defensive terrain. I'd push cautiously with just enough to maintain contact (not venturing into terrain that let's tanks kill infantry easier - i.e. staying inside town), while setting up a defense of the flag areas designed to keep tanks from getting close to them, with the bulk of the force.

By turn 25 I'd break contact with his remaining infantry - they won't have time to rally and come back by then. Right now they easily could, if you left them alone. 28+ can go to turn 30 or 32, and 4-5 minutes might allow what is left of his infantry to rally. The main thing to worry about is his tanks getting to the flags late. They are much more likely to make it there with infantry help than alone.

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