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The AI of CM

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Once you've played enough and become competent in using proper tactics, you will trash the AI thoroughly everytime, unless they have uber armor. The AI is generally better on the defensive than the attack. However, on the defensive, in quick battles, it will buy strange force types, and setup its units poorly. (ie not using the trenches it bought) Also, when the AI has lost a flag, it will often launch reckless counterattacks that end in disaster.

On the attack, the AI is notably worse. It loves to concentrate its units, which is good for armor but bad for infantry. It will only choose to advance down the seriously covered routes, and is thus predictable. Worse, it shoves all of its infantry down the route it chose, which makes its entire force vulerable to any HE chucker.

When learning to play, the AI is challenging, if you're attacking. When you're defending, its always easy to defeat. However, once you become experienced, you will be able to consistenly trash it.

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Well, on the more positive side, a good scenario builder will take the AIs weaknesses into account. By placing the units correctly, and thoughtful placing flags, the challenge can go up markedly.

To take a few examples:

I am playing a lot of CMBO lately (AI less strong than CMBB,CMAK). But I will be impressed if you win Hello 7th Armoured, or L'Elle River Crossing as the attacker, blind (not knowing the other side's positions) (Full Fog of War, or course) the first time. Both, I think, are a challenge even on replay.

As the defender, again CMBO, I just finished Sherbroke Fusiliers against the AI. You will win it, but I found it a blast.

And, --stop here if you do not want even the smallest "spoiler".

The flags and units are placed so that the attacker flanks.

Oh, and another tiny spoiler I did not want to put in the above, in L'Elle River Crossing, the terrain forces are such that the defenders actually tend to use artillery well, which is usually a great AI weakness.

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Originally posted by British Tommy:

The best way to play CM is against a human opponent! smile.gif

British Tommy is absolutely right ! Just ask someone here on the board.

When I started CMBO four ( ? ) years ago, I started to play a guy in the USA. You know what, I still play with him on an almost daily basis, via PBEM. Even visited him this year, when the wifey and me showed up in the states.

It´s an absolute blast playing humans ... and taunt them ... 8)

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