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Problem with AndrewTF's uniform mods (specifically late war SS)

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I have recently installed ATF's excellent uniform mods, and have come across a small problem/annoyance.

My late war SS CO/BN HQs seem to be missing a bmp for their bodies. This is for mountain, mechanized, and Infantry HQs (possibly cavarly, i havn't checked) in 1944/45.

I checked the read mes and didn't notice anything in particular, but maybe i am not looking hard enough. (I did place BMP 9076.bmp in my bmp folder from the WSS-3 set.)

Anyone have any other ideas?

Oh, here is a screen shot of what i'm talking about. Excuse the low res-ness of my poor imac.


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Whoo--Bizarre! :eek: Anyone else have this problem? Let me check it out on my end and see if there's a problem with that BMP.

Update: I just checked my version and it's ok in-game. Yours looks suspiciously like when I accidentally same a BMP with the alpha channels intact... How old is your version? You might try downloading the latest from CMMODS.com, which should be ok, or I can just e-mail you the offending file.

[ June 21, 2003, 03:02 AM: Message edited by: AndrewTF ]

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I went through a phase of manually switching in and out all kinds of different uniform mods, and I wound up with some bizarre results: snow-suited troopers with one grey arm, etc. All of this was a side effect of CMBB sharing certain uniform .bmps between two or more kinds oif troops, and it took me forever to get it sorted out.

Andrew (or anyone who knows), would it be possible for you to post a list of those uniform files that are shared between different types of troops? This would help us to sort out these problems from the user-side in the future.

Thanks for all the good work!

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