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Golf five five, this is Charlie three two, request fire mission, over

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Tonight, in CMBB, I tried JasonC tactics with artillery. I aimed at my first objective, a little wood but when my soldaten reached it, there were no russians. So I aimed at the second objective and when I took it, there were no russians. So I moved it to the third objective, another wood. Then the russians attacked me but I pushed them back easily and they withdraw in the little wood that was my third objective with only two minutes before firing. I had a big grin on my face :D . I used those two minutes to strenghten my positions and machine gun the wood to keep them there. When my artillery opened up, I could hear the shell through the air and the explosions. Unfortunately, all the shells fell half a mile away :confused: on my right flank between me and the russians killing only squirels and birds. Is that normal or is it a flaw in the game? I have to tell you that my FO was still at the starting line. And this is not the first time that I see this.

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Your FO has to have unhindred LOS to the target, exactly at the moment when the spotting round lands (fired about a minut before the actual barrage).

If he does not have LOS at this moment (due to smoke or whatever) the shells may land off-target. Could that have been the case?

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check this quote from WineCapes excelent guide to arty in CM:

"Accurate arty strikes require the following things to happen:

1 The spotter must have LOS to the target point when it is targeted (blue line).

2 The spotter must have LOS at the exact moment the first spotting round is FIRED."

Edit: I just noticed that the author seems to be Treeburst155

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