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CMMOS Rule query

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I am not sure if my CMMOS rules might be in a bit of a mess. Having installed all the original rules, as new ones have come out I have merely DL them and copies them in. I seem to a mixture of rule tabs and it's hard to work out what should be under what? I have Panzers D/Grau and Der Schwein. D/Grau and both have grey tanks under them? I also have P/Martins winter Pz38 installed and cant see a tab for it under the winter dunkel gelb/grau section (despite the preview pic being there under installed mods)?

I am wondering whether it would be better to clear all the rules from the rule folder I have, DL all the latest ones only and start again (IIRC once the rules and mods have been put into CMMOS they can be deleted anyway as CMMOS copies the full works). That said, I keep the mods in case I ever get a system zap and have to DL the lot again.

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