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Desperately in need of Maps for Operations...

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There is an abundance of maps out there for battles, but since me and my friend are thinking of playing a small operation we looked over the maps available and none of them fitted our needs... the battle map Scorpion Isle 2 fitted perfectly but since it was a battle map we cant use it...

ive noticed that alot of REALLY large maps have been made for battles... why not make these maps for operations instead since (IMHO) maps over 2x2km are way too large for battles...

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Aha...yes thats true i guess.

I will have to look into that, i never did make a operation jet. (couldnt be that hard, could it?)

I'm just starting on my first scenario's.

But i already tend to overdue battle parameters, i mean i like it when u know what will happen next.

So; yes, ill give it a try. (just needs some time)

I will do you some new maps of mine set to operation parameters, thats a start.

Whatever u guys need... tongue.gif

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Having seen a SU85 taken out at 1400 metres by a Panther I do not think 2km square is too big for a battle - I prefer large maps so I can flank ...

But in all things the terrain is vital. Now 2km square of Pripet Marshes ... no thats nightmare territory. Of course if you played "Iron Man" rules then any map could last you a very long time and do for operations.

[iron man rules if I remember correctly are played in the 1st person. You go to each of your units and plot from level one for everything. Mind you its a lot better if you get into a house 'cos you can then plot from the second floor!!!] Not really recommended for large maps with very few troops and limited visibility - and or night battles. lol

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