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Pre-planned battle, a suggestion.

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Typical CM battles don't start in the middle of high intensity action, but with the short moves leading to action, right?

This mean that both sides have some kind of battle plan that haven't had much chance to go FUBAR (yet), right?

With CMBB we're allowed to let loose our artillery plan right away, using pre-planned fire missions.

At the same time the grunts and vehicle drivers, that at the same time are just as well aware of the general idea for their part of the upcoming battle as well as their intended moves and actions, are subject to order delays that can be quite annoying if they are supposed to move along a winding route (with several waypoints).

I am fully aware of the previous discussion regarding the new system for order delays, and generally agree that the new system is better.

My only wish is that all orders plotted during the first order phase (and only then) have zero delay by default, and movement orders may be delayed several minutes in the same way as pre-planned arty missions.

Any changes to the orders later on are of course subject to normal time delays.




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