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CMMOS Mods? Atten Mike T

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I have been downloading the CMMOS mods from

TGN's Combat Mission HQ page and they work fine.

All but the Gautrek Dusty Russian Truck. Is there

a new posting of this mod?

Now I see we have CMMOS mods mixed it with none

CMMOS mods at CMMods.com this gives me a new

little headache smile.gif What rule set will they appear

under? I guess I need to download all the rule sets Ver 4.03 so they will appear. When I unzip

The file. smile.gif I just seemed mutch more easy when

they were all together at Combat mission HQ.

under the correct Rule sets.

Just my two cents worth.

Lane :D

[ January 28, 2003, 11:29 PM: Message edited by: Lane ]

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The Russian truck I screwed up and have corrected it.

Right now I am talking to someone about hosting the mods, around 50+, that we have done at a fast download site. When that is done the new truck will be posted for download and my apologies on the error. No excuses there.

On the new CMMOS mods at CM Mod Database. These are workable with CMMOS. Marco in Italy got the ruleset numbers from me. So don't worry about that.

Same goes for some other CMMOS mods that I did.

I am working with two people that are doing CMMOS mods. Marco in Italy and Jeff Myers. I have a whole list of mods I would like done so if interested let me know. Several terrain files are left to be taken care.


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