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German and French players - take command!

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Strategic Command to be released in Germany and France

Battlefront.com, Fury Software and Walkon Media ("Most Wanted Games") have partnered to release a fully localized German and French version of Strategic Command in the German and French speaking European countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Benelux). The game (v1.07) features a complete graphics overhaul (interface, map and units) as well as a number of unit and terrain mods on CD. It will be available May 15th from all major retailers for a recommended retail price of EUR 29.99, as well as directly from Most Wanted Games . The localized versions will not be sold by Battlefront.com, but the original US version continues to be available to European customers without restrictions.

The improved graphics will be made available for download from Battlefront.com to the existing fan base in a later patch in English.

Strategic Command Game Features

- 6 historical campaigns, incl. D-Day, Barbarossa, Fall Weiss.

- 2 player mode (LAN, TCP/IP, PBEM)

- historically correct developments (can be switched off)

- Various units incl. land, naval and air forces

- The player can control the forces of up to 25 nations (6 main nations, 19 minor nations)

- Statistics screen with all information about military strength, resources and even total losses

- Easy to use campaign editor included to allow for custom made "what-if" campaigns

System Specs

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Pentium II Procressor with 400 MHz


8 MB graphics card

DirectX 7.0

Strategic Command won the "PC Gamer Editor Choice" with a score of 90%, as well as 88% from GameSpy.com.

For more information visit the Strategic Command Discussion Forum or Most Wanted Games.

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