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Andrew TF - High collars on Russian Partisans

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I see that the high collar look for Russian Partisans is achieved by collars painted on the necks of the faces BMP's. Is this only used by Russian Partisans? Can I make them go away by modding the necks/faces and then make them reappear by backing up the collared faces? Is there something in the game that connects those faces with just Russian Partisans? Am I screwing with the very stuff of the cosmos if I tinker with this?

The reason I ask is that I am modding the late war Russian Partisans into Polish Home Army for Warsaw scenarios. I may, if I still have your overall ok, release that on or about Christmas. I may have to include modded faces as part of that package.

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The high collars represent the 1943 pattern gymnastiorkas, and are worn by all Soviet (and Polish and partisan) units in CMBB from mid-1943 on. To affect the high-collared look of this tunic BFC created a Soviet-only face set with a "collar" added to the neck area. So yes, you can make the collars go away by replacing them with standard faces. smile.gif

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