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probably a silly idea but.....

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Just been reading my strat guide for CMBB, I was going through the profile section, where each person is asked the same set of questions. one of which is do you prefer the forward defense or the reverse slope? and another how would you attack a village in a valley?

just a thought but us newbies could learn alot from having a scenario in which some of you experts setup the defense of a village then attach a text file explaining the why's and wherefores. with the scenario to load up and look at in detail a lot could be learned and with note as reference. this could be a real master class, especially with a number of you experts taking part it would be very interesting to see how each tackles the same problems.

anyways just a thought.

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I play as the germans almost all the time and frankly I prefer a forward defense. Long range gunnery is the German's specialty and you need to maximize it.

If you play the Russkies then I would go reverse slope, at short range their tanks are about equal to the Germans but at long range you get murdered. The element of surprise will also help the generally craptacular Reds.

As far as a village in a valley, get a couple of arty observers and an HQ on one of the hills over looking it and just flatten it.

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my point really is not "what I would do.. " in any given situation, what I was getting at was the specifics of it.

eg. I read and hear alot about reverse slope Vs forward defense. what would be nice is to ' see the reverse slope defense set up and to ' see ' the interlocking fields of fire as set up by the forums more acknowleged players (Andreas springs to mind) with some accompanying notes a 'master class' if we could get 2 or 3 of these top players to do the same scenario setup it would be interesting to compare eaches approach. of course there would be no hard and fast this is right or this wrong but valuable lessons can be learned by actually seeing a setup as apposed to just talking about the virtues of one.

if such a scenario was created it would be even more interseting to do the setup before reading and looking at the 'master class' and comparing.

anyway it was only a thought

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