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1941 KV and T-34 Hordes

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I've been playing a lot of user made scenarios for early 41 war, especially June 41'.

One of things that is surprising me is how the KV tanks and T-34 M41's are so numerous. I play one scenario, June 41, and I face 12 KV-1 M40, 3 KV-2, 1 BT-7 M39, 1 T38. Wow. I wonder what the two smaller tanks were in there for? A little recon, probably. Thank goodness for my infantry! It would have been impossible without them. Very next scenario, June 41, I face 3 KV-2, 16 T-34 M41, 8 T-26. Almost all the T-34 M41's are Veteran or better, 4 as high as Crack!

I understand that some designers want to make it challenging, and I even succeed by using my infantry smartly. But this sure seems a little on the strange side.

Still loving it. I imagine I'm there at the front, and I'm getting to experience all the best the Russians have got. Lucky me!

On a side note, I don't know why some Russian players complain about the early war T-34 in CMBB, they are proving pretty difficult to take out with German tanks. I'm elated to get a gun damage result! I guess some folks want them to be virtually invincible.

And a thing about CMBB. I didn't know if I liked the changes over CMBO. After some play and unlearning my CMBO playing style, I wouldn't have CMBB any other way. This is far and away a big improvement and everything, and I mean everything, just comes off so much better. The more I play, the more I appreciate it.

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That's a good point Garry. I guess it depends upon the scenario designer and the engagement; sometimes the command delays can make a Green or Conscript early war Russian tank virtually unusable in the limited time context of the game.

BTW, will probably be having a Myrtle Beach CM get together this upcoming summer. Hope you can make it down again!


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