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Russian TOE question

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I have a good idea of '43/44 TOE for Russian Infantry forces at Divisional level (Red Army Handbook) and at Army level (Kursk 1943) but do not know what went with a Rifle Corps other than the 3 Rifle Divisions. I have one source (Operation Bagration - Connor - CSI) who does give a list for '44 of 1 artillery regt, a SP Regt and Katusyka Regt with a Pioneer Bn and an AA Bn.

Does anyone have a TOE for a Rifle Corps circa 43 and 44?


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According to Glantz (In Pursuit of Deep Battle), the 1943 Rifle Corps was pretty bare. Other than the 3 Rifle Divisions it could have an artillery regiment, consisting of 122mm guns, though this was not always the case. Other than this option, the Rifle Corps had a signal battalion and sapper battalion.

This makes sense for this time period, as the Soviets were not as 'rich' in equipment as they would be in 1944 and 45. Thus, the most important assests are held at Army level and are then distributed to Rifle Corps and then Divisions as seen fit.

For 1944, Glantz lists the Rifle Corps as having 3 Rifle Divisions, 1 self propelled artillery regiment, 1 guards mortar regiment (katyushas), 1 AA battalion, 1 sapper battalion and 1 signal battalion. Regular Rifle Corps are listed as having 1 artillery regiment, while Guards Rifle Corps have 1 artillery brigade.

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