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T-26A -Was it in the war?

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I'm trying to find out if the 76.2mm armed T26 ever actually saw service in WW2. Anything I can find on the web indicates that it was built in small numbers several years before the war, and that the turret was too heavy for the chassis. I can find no confirmation that it saw service in '41 or after.

Does anybody have any info on this?

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15 units of the Su-26, an SP 76mm gun on a T-26 chassis, were produced at the Kirov plant in Leningrad. See


There were also SU-5 SPA on the T-26 chassis, carrying 76mm, 76mm AA, 122mm howitzer, and large mortars - but very limited numbers, like 30 all told. Those were apparently actually used in combat in 1941.

The T-26-4 "artillery tank", on the other hand, I agree seems to have been a prototype rather than any standard production vehicle. I saw one (net) report that said 65 were produced, but that matches exactly the number of ST-26 bridgelayers made, and is probably a mistake.

The standard artillery tank actually in use was the BT-7A. There are photos verifying those were used in actual combat, some of them into 1942.

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