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Secure PBEM files

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Currently in the RoW Tourney, we are using scenario files in which the passwords are preset for each side before the games are sent out to the players.

Treeburst, before he took off had figured out how to do this but now the technology seems lost.

Does anyone out there remember how this is done.

To recap: I am looking for a way to send out a scenario to a player in which both sides have pre-set passwords. This is designed to avoid anyone being able to peek at what the other side has on the board.

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This is from the "Band-of-Brothers" FAQ website:

How to make a 100% secure Battle/Scenario in CMBO

1. Create the battle as normal, but DO NOT TOURNAMENT SAVE IT. Just do a normal save.

2. Now start the battle/scenario you just saved as a hotseat game and select whichever side you want, we'll call them side 1.

3. Enter the password for side 1.

4. When you get to the setup screen, do nothing but hit GO.

5. Enter the password for side 2.

6. When you get to the setup screen, save the game under any name you choose.

7. Send the saved game to side 2 along with the password you used for side 2.

8. Remember to also send an email to side 1 with the password you used for side 1.

Result: Side 2 starts the game, uses the password you sent to him, and gets his entire setup phase.

After he completes his setup he sends the file with his completed setup to side 1. Side 1 loads it, enters the password you sent him, and he also gets his entire setup phase.

Neither side is able to see the other side's troops without that side's password.

It sounds a little strange, but it really works.

One further note. Before loading the battle/scenario you have just created and password protecting the sides, be sure to keep a copy of the file somewhere so that you can always load it back into the editor and correct any errors you might have made.


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