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Can't see BMPs in Andrew's Hungarian Winter Uniform Mod

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With great anticipation, I downloaded Andrew Fox's Hungarian Winter Uniform mod. However, while I can open the file and see the individual BMPs, I cannot see them and they will not show up in CMBB. I am running Windows XP on a Dell 8200.

Some of us had the same problem recently with an interface mod prepared on a Mac. Don't remember the details.

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Not sure why this is happening. Maybe has something to do with the version of Maczipit that I was using. I used to think it was an OS X thing, but this time I booted into OS 9.2 and prepared the files there. This only happens when I use my G4 at work, so I guess that's a clue. :(

Let me try it again on my crusty old PowerMac at home.


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