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T34 Load outs Why so high with HE?

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Just curious why throughout the war did the T34 models especially have such a large number of HE rounds and a what seems to me a much lower number of AP rounds compared to say other German armour vehicles. I can think of a few reasons but thought I would get the pros answers first......

Maybe #1 Cost factors involved...HE cheap to produce?...lousey Soviet AP rounds?

#2 The most likely target would be soft skinned vehicles and German Infantry.......rarely running into large German Tank Killers?

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The Russians produced twice as many tanks are Germany did. A typical Russian tank face 0.5 opponents, a typical German tank faced 2 opponents. Which one needs more AP? When dealing with German tanks, the Russians relied on a larger echelon formation - e.g a company firing together. With more tanks firing than targets to deal with, why would each one need 40 AP rounds?

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