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Outskirts of Koenigsberg

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Thumbing through Max Hastings, Armageddon, noticed the chapter on East Prussia. Made a quick scenario afterwards: Jan. 1945, dawn, Volksturm Co with depleted ammo, a 50mm ATG, dug in trenches on the side of a railway embankment crossing the frozen landscape, driving snow. Russian attack, infy battn with T-34 support. After 60 min, a Vet Infy Co with StuG plt comes to relieve the Volksturm, who bug out. Makes for a simple scenario against the AI.

In real life: the Soviets come forwards hesitantly, under long range fire from the boys in their trenches. Finally T-34s come in, then retreat under fire from Fausts. During lull, Volksturm relieved.

In CMBB: Soviets rush, die, rush, swamp the place.

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