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camo question...

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well we all know that there are two different bmp numbers for most german tanks in CMBB... one for early panzer grey and one for late camo/dunkelgelb... my question is if its possible to add a cammo version of something that normaly doesnt have two bmp sets... like the pz38t or the early pzIII models... cos it would be kindof fun to have... i sometimes place older vehicles in late scenarios to be used as command vehicles or representing unusual crikomstances... it would be cool to see a camoed pz38t in late 43/ early 44... and besides some of these tanks are available beyond the "crossover" date... they probarbly werent produced then but they are available since not all have been destroyed... and i can imagine that crews would do some cammo repaints in the field even of these old panzergrau buckets of bolts... in fact if i was one of these poor bastards stuck with an outdated tank i would make every effort to disguise it... not let it stand out in panzer gray...

well i was just wondering since i dont know how to test this without making it a major hassle... but most of the modders out there probarbly already know what bmp numbers to use for a test...

just wondering... :rolleyes:

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well thats not what i mean... i want to know if it is possible to make the vehicles that are panzer gray througout the 41-45 period to change into camo versions around 43 like the rest... wich means if you add another set of bmps for that vehicle starting with a 50 or something infront of the normal number will they change when the others do even though they didnt have any "alternative" bmps from the start...

i guess what i am asking is do they change IF you add them like the winter versions do or are there only certain tanks that can change?

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