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HC ammo - how much does it penetrate ?

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Sigh. If only the penetration values for hollow charge ammo were listed in the info screen. For tanks, only the AP and HE ammo penetration values are listed. I really would like to know the HC ammo capabilities ! You almost always get to see data on tungsten, eventhough tungsten is a lot rarer than hollow charge ! On another note, how often do the tanks really use HC ? Say, a T-34 notices AP isn't doing the trick, how many rounds does he fire until he moves into HC ? Approx ? 5 ? 10 ?

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Typically a tank (or gun) that has normal AP would not carry hollow charge. That is because HC ammunition was really designed to allow low velocity guns to have some anti-armor effect. HC also works much better when it isn't spinning, whereas high velocity anti-tank rounds (except APFSDS and the like) were normally rifled rounds for accuracy and stability.

Anyway, from your mention of T-34s, I think you may have gotten confused by the change in the meaning of the "C" in the ammo line. In CMBO "C" meant hollow charge. In CMBB is means cannister -- essentially a short-range anti-infantry shell that is ineffective against buttoned tanks. I think "HC" is the new abberviation for hollow charnge in ammo load-outs.

I assume cannister is pretty effective against the Tank Commander in unbuttoned tanks, but I haven't seen it used that way.

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