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i´m lost

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1. owner of cmbo

play scenarios + op´s against AI and a few QB´s

via TCP.

good game realy enjoying. ok.

2. owner of cmbb

play a few scenarios against AI. some i realy like some not so. no OP right now . play a few QB´s via TCP.

3. i´m lost because i make a big mistake. play by e-mail. first is over, Danube Blues as Axis .tactical win;one big mistake had cost me a tiger (hey BFC the tiger turns to slow -> just kidding),two smaller mistakes - can´t handle these Stug´s right now ;) .

B+T Fall Blau turn 16 now get better and better the scenario.

A morning in the Zoo turn 7 looks good but i know to less about my enemy´s position.think i get hurt within the nx turns.

Vienna Waltz turn 2 so we will see.

why i´m lost ? simple the monkey is dancing on my shoulder - i need my nx turn or should i say fix :D

and i have buy books (i´m not a grog yeah you see).

right now two

Panzer in Russland(photo´s less text).good stuff imo.

Campaigns of World War II: the eastern front

by Anderson/Clark/Walsh good text afaik and good photo´s. btw. if you know good books in german plz tell me about; thx.

what are you doing to me BFC ? this is war :D

you are bad :D

and i post on this crazy forum - have made a try in the peng thread, not a good sign tongue.gif

cmbb is the best game i have ever played i mean game, not only wargame and for me it is perfect.

what perfect ? nothing is perfect ! yeah that´s the reason it works so cool; and by cool i mean totally sweet (i´m a thief) :D

srry that i had waste your time but i have need this :rolleyes:

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Horus. I don't know what to tell you other than to take it slow. CMBB is a much different game from CMBO. I've played most if not all of the scenarios you mention. Sometimes with heavy losses. Take it one step at a time.

ehm thxs but i have no probs with CMBB except that i loose so many time on it; get no sleep and all this sick things ya know ? :D:D

my tanks have no prob with bogging they have SKILL; if needed they use "Rocket Jump" and rail the enemy force far away from the map tongue.gif

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