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New Scenario - Night of the living dead

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I´ve always loved city-fights and the concept 'the last stand' - so I´ve tried to make a scenario where the russians are outnumbered but without loosing the excitment and challenge, regardless of the side. Fictional H2H-battle or as Axis vs. AI.


November 1943, Eighty miles west of Kiev, the 4th Panzer Army, still convinced that the Red Army was a spent force, was able to mount a successful riposte at Zhitomir during the middle of November, blunting the Soviet bridgehead via a daring outflanking strike mounted by the SS Panzer Corps along the river Teterev. This battle enabled Army Group South also to recapture Korosten and just gain some time to rest - but on Christmas Eve the retreat began anew.

The German got a force ready to grab the last objective in Korosten, but can the russians hold out until the reinforcments arrive? In this case the reinforcent is a timelimit and the germans have to capture the area in 25 minutes without losing to much of the troops. The russians got a somewhat a smaller force, but instead a 500p VP bonus, 4 large flags and a goal to hold out and delay the germans.

H2H or Axis vs. AI.

And a special thank you to the playtesters at the Proving Grounds:

Bannon DC

The Enigma


John Buford


Scenario Depot

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