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MacKenzie Heights, Sevastopol

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This scenario is "Historical" based on description of fighting NE of Sevastopol in December 1941.

MacKenzie Heights at TSD

This is a classic "King of the Hill" scenario as the German 22nd Infantry Division rallies to go up the heights one more time to dislodge the weakened Russian 40th Calvary Division. An aggressive attack will give the Germans time to establish a hilltop defense before the counterattack of the black-uniformed 79th Independent Naval Brigade who are marching into battle direct from their transport ships.

Designed to be played as German vs. AI. It is possible to play as two-player (suggest a 25% to 50% increase in German forces). Some limited heavy caliber artillery for both sides.

The photo below shows the type of terrain in the area. I have not been able to locate a specific "MacKenzie Heights" ridge or hill. It could refer to the wider wooded and hilly area NE of Sevastopol, east of Inkerman. The east-west valley at the top of the photo is the Belbek Valley.

How did this part of Russia become known as MacKenzie Heights? How is this related to the nearby town of Mekensievy-Gory that is the subject of a few CM scenarios? Read the brief and find out. ;)

MacKenzieHeightsTerrain.jpg]Terrain around Mackenzie Heights

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Renaud --

I'm copying my last post from TSD here since we are getting off topic in that thread. Besides-- some folks here might have good sources as well.

Regarding the Russian landings at Feodesia --

I'll look into the landings at Feodesia. I doubt I will find anything of depth. It was a very dramatic action, for sure. I understand the weather was increadibly bad... I wonder how many were lost to the sea. I do have a good detailed map of the area.

Regarding the final assault -- Rudy did a scenario that included the cross bay landing. I enjoyed playing it. Sevastopol Port AI --

Rudy's scenario at The Scenario Depot

I wouldn't mind playing the 2 player version against you. I haven't looked at it yet.


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