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A bug for German Paratroops

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First this is not a complaint, just a question. In a current mirror mode, my oppenent has bought two german paratroops and the third shows up like normal in the build. I played computer and was able to repeat this. It shows -1 in my build table for paratroops. Should this happen? Is an excellent strategy by my friend, but now changes games greatly, as three powered up paras for Germans is dangerous powerful tool.

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I look at it as a 'pre war' focus on one type of combat. The allies can do this as well, Russia can build a full Q of rockets/Armor/air or HQs then get the siberian trasfer for a negtive Q. There is a short comming to this, whenever the unit dies you cant buy it back at 1/2 cost. Its fully lost. I'm sure there are a few other areas where you could do this as well, USA fleet with attack on Spain ect....

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