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Hey another French oddity reported by IR

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In a game with CC I sent one of the Africain French corps around the Suez Loop before France Fell. The corp come out on the other side after the Fall of france but was not a Free French Corp. This ment that I couldn't reinforce it with British MPPs or send it on a transport.

Sounds funny now - the last french unit hanging out in egpyt with my other cast off units, and doomed to die. Bad luck for me as this caused Egpyt to fall 2-3 turns sooner - minor but an annoying detail.

Suggestion for SC2 or patch 1.08. Setup an UK colonial troop transfer simialer to the Siberian Transfer (most of the troops that fought in the middle east were non-british). Say the Indian 4th Army, South African 1st corp, and the Anzoc Matidla Armored Group. And make the troops 'minor' power type, same as the Canadian units. Might give the British a chance or holding Egypt under anything but the most extream pressure from the axis. Not sure what date would be best - Fall of 1940 + or minus a few turns.

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I noticed this little oddity myself last week. I suspect the unit in transfer remains coded as French. Since it is off-board, it is exempt from the Free French determination somehow. But when it arrives in Egypt, there are no French MPP's available for reinforcement or transport. Liberate France and viola! - the ghost French unit becomes active again.

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