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Wish for Christmas from Mr. H. C.


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Since it looks like SC II will be out late I went out and boutght a new war game. (North German Plain 1985).

What I wish for Christmas concerning SC is that Mr. H. C. would at least give us a very simple patch for SC 1. I know he is busy with SC II but just a simple patch to balance the play. No matter if SC II comes out or not I would pay for a patch for SC I that made the game more balanced.

Dragon said it correctly recently in a post, he said, and I quote him -

Despite playing without AA it seems that even a bid of 250 is still to low for allies as axis still have the edge...dont forget that hungary joined in October...so no spain...no landconnection to africa, late remaining minors Spain,Greece,Portugal....and most important despite border mistake raising russian readyness by 10 %. I hope that in SC2 the game will be more balanced otherwise we will have to go on with Bids between 275 - 325
SC-I needs a patch even if SC II comes out. A simple patch that does the following

1. Increases certain unit costs such as and especially air. Also and included in this, the higher the tech the MUCH greater the cost should be also.

2. Give the Russians and the Americans added IT to start the game. (this can be done with the ediotor but I think the Russians should be able to build cheap corps, I think in the war they were able to throw into their lines cheap corps that they sacrificed at times).

3. Increases the war readiness cost to invade minors. Make it much more costly for the axis and the allies to invade a minor. Just this simple patch could change the game. At least give us some fun figuring it out again like its a new game.

Merry Christmas, now I am off to play my new game since SC II hasnt come out. (The Russians are approaching Hanover in 1985 and it doesnt look like NATO can stop them).

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