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What's the point of Tech?

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Firstly - I'm not dissing it - I only just "discovered" it last night after some posts here, and I want to know what I'm getting for hte money 'cos I'm a lazy sod and don't want to have to wade through it all to figure it out myself! smile.gif

Obviously new icons on the units (not so important!!) smile.gif

Units can be reinforced up to higher strength, and are recruited at that higher strength.

Is this higher strength cost-effective? Eg it costs 32.5 pts per point of a new 10-pt 0-level armour group - what's the cost per point of an 11, 12, 13, etc point new group?

Same for other troops, and for transport and operation MPP costs??

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Well, not only can you get them to a higher strength level, but their abilities go up also. A 2nd level jet fighter should usually do much better against a regular fighter than a 0 level. As for industrial tech, it lowers the cost of units (and thereby the cost of transporting and operating them) by 10% I believe. Radar improves your defenses against bomber attacks on your strategic resources, I don't recall them all now, but if you can get them, it's definitely worth it. Somewhere on the board, there's a list of what all of them do.

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If you go here, you can read this:


Only the Axis and Allied Major countries can conduct research and development. The following list of technologies is available for further research and development:

· Anti-Tank Weapons

· Heavy Tanks

· Anti-Aircraft Radar

· Long Range Aircraft

· Jet Aircraft

· Heavy Bombers

· Sonar

· Advanced Subs

· Gun Laying Radar

· Rockets

· Industrial Technology

Each research type has a maximum level of 5 and a maximum number of 5 research points that can be put against it. At the beginning of each turn, each research point has a 5% chance of returning the next level of research (so 5 research points in anti-tank research will give you a 25% chance per turn of getting the next level), so the more research points put against a particular type of research, the better the chances of achieving the next level. Also, depending upon the type of research, a variety of results can be achieved with each new level. The following is a breakdown of the benefits for each type.


Increases the tank defence and maximum strength values for both Corps and Army units.


Increases the tank attack, tank defence and maximum strength values for Tank Groups.


Improves the air defence values for all Strategic Resources.


Increases the spotting, action points, and strike range values for both Air Fleets, and Strategic Bombers. Also, every new level of long-range aircraft research increases the spotting, strike range, and maximum strength values of Carriers.


Improves the air defence, and air attack for both Air Fleets and Carriers, while the air defence value for Strategic Bombers is increased. In addition, the maximum strength value for Air Fleets is increased.


Improves the strategic attack and maximum strength values for Strategic Bomber units.


Improves the naval defence values of Battleships, Cruisers and Carriers when attacked by submarines.


Improves the naval attack and maximum strength values for submarines. Also, submarines in general have a 25% chance of successfully diving from either naval or air attack, but with each new level of advanced sub research, this percentage improves by +5%.


Improves the naval attack, naval defence and maximum strength values for both Battleships and Cruisers.


Improves the attack values and strike range for all Rocket Detachments.


Every new level of industrial technology decreases the cost of production for each unit by 10%."

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Thanks guys.

One thing that hasn't been touched on however is the economics of improved units.

Not the cost of the research, but whether they become more or less efficient to buy per point, or transport or operate, do reinforcements cost any more per point, etc.

anyone got any ideas in that area?

I know it's not an overwhelmingly difficult question to answer, but I'm short of time these days for running a few games to see..... :(

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