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Some questions


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Althoug searching in the forum i found no answers to these questions...

- under which conditions the allies can buy units in Bagdad (previously conquered)and egypt? .. as i noticed that it is sometimes possible

- does moving the gibraltar corp affect italian warreadyness?

-moving a corps from outside the med into the med doesnt affect the italians isnt´t it?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance

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If one of the following 4 places in the Med is empty, italian readiness increases: Gibraltar, Malta, Beirut and Alexandria. i.e. you can replace the units there e.g. Malta airfleet with a corps, but when you leave it empty, readiness increases until a new unit is at this place.


Same as with every other city: if it has a connection to the capital of the country it conquered, then this nation can build units in the city.

e.g. if Russia conquers it, you need a connection to Moskov/russian capital, then you can build units there. UK can never build ground units there, since they can never have a connection to London.

Exception: you can build airfleets everywhere on the map, if the city belongs to your country, for AFs you dont need a connection to the capital. So UK can build airfleets in Bagdad, if they conquer or liberate it.

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